Ven.Sayadej Vongsopha (Ekaggacitto Bhikkhu)

Ven.Sayadej Vongsopha                                                                      Message from Ven.Sayadej Vongsopha

The campaign ” Save Stupas Save Buddha” is truly the universal concept of promoting peace among Asian countries, economic growth and cultural ties and this will contribute to world peace. The teachings of the Lord Buddha always guide human beings toward peace, compassion and harmonious living of humankind.

Mr.Sidhartha Gauri of “The Buddhist Forum” India, who introduces me to this campaign and explains its importance in the present times. After analyzing all its features ,I came to conclude that it is absolutely good for all Asian countries.

I therefore support this campaign and wish to appeal to all humanity to read about this campaign online in order to bring this sense of interfaith harmony and universal brotherhood among the Asian countries, Buddhist world and world peace.

I wish future success to all members of “The Buddhist Forum” who are working hard to connect the Asian countries with Peace and harmony and cultural relationship.

Yours truly in the Dhamma,

Ven.Sayadej Vongsopha (Ekaggacitto Bhikkhu)

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