Ven. Bodhisen Bhante

                                                               bodhi sena      Message from ven.Bodhisen Bhante

Lumbani in Nepal become one of the most important sacred place on Earth with the birth of the lord Buddha. The teachings Lord Buddha always guided me to follow the path (Metta-Karuna-Mudgetee- Upkksa) of peace, compassion, love and universal brotherhood .Meeting with Mr. Sidhartha Gauri , president of “The Buddhist Forum”briefed me about the international sign campaign “Save Stupas SaveBuddha” for the preservation of the ancient Buddhist sites all over Asia .I fully support for this cause and will be helping in carrying out this activities of the campaign in Nepal.

In end I wish to congratulate the members of “The Buddhist Forum” who are carrying out this campaign to bring more harmony and peace in the Asia.I makes a humble request all the humanity to come forward and support this campaign.

Blessing of triple gem
Ven. Bodhi Sen Bhante President   All Nepal Bhikkhu Association , Kathmandu

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