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VEN. BHIKKHU SANGHASENA                                                                    Message From Ven. Bhikkhu Sanghsena

Buddham Saranam Gacchami

Buddhism is the fully ripened fruit of a most intensive search conducted over a long period of time by a most noble prince, whose heart compassionately opened and extended to embrace. support and guide all suffering beings. This supreme flower of humankind is none other than Gautama. the Buddha, who lived and taught in India.

The Buddha-Dharma is such an inspiring, yet pragmatic, teaching that a fifth of the world’s population devotedly follows this path today.
Since time immemorial India has been great and holy land which gave birth to many enlightened Masters who brightened the world from time to time when the light of Dharma got diminished. Lord Buddha is one of the greatest Sons of this great and holy land-India. The greatest contribution of the Indian sub-continent to world civilization is the profound teachings of non-violence, compassion and wisdom as taught by the Lord Buddha; teachings which continue to be relevant, and in truth desperately needed, in these much troubled times. Millions come to India every year to remember the Buddha and to pay their gratitude and to salute this holy land.

“In this world of storm and strife, hatred and violence the message of the Buddha shine like a radiant sun. Perhaps at no tome was that message more needed than in the world of the atomic and hydrogen bombs. Two thousand five hundred years have only added to the vitality and truth of the message. Let us remember that immortal message and try to fashion our thoughts and actions in the light of that teaching. We may face equanimity even the terrors of the atomic bomb age and help a little in promoting right and help a little in promoting right thinking and right action.”

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, First Prime Minister of India

The place of its origin, India, being the birth place. source and site of this great religion, it is the responsibility Indian people to restore and renovate the all the damaged and ruined Buddhist holy places of our country and to regain the lost glory- great Ashokan period, golden period of Indian history.

India has been the mother land of spirituality for the whole civilization and India should again become spiritually super power and lead the world in right direction — righteous path .Mr.Sidhartha, the president of the Buddhist Forum based in Yamuna Nagar, Haryana is doing commendable works surveying the Buddhist sites and Stupas all over India, particularly in Haryana state. Buddha himself walked through several parts of Haryana and delivered some of most important discourses such as Satipathana Sutta etc.

I earnestly appeal to all peace loving people to extend all help and cooperation to Mr.Sidhartba. the president of Buddhist Forum to realize his campaign — “Save Stupas Save Budddha” and his cherished vision of promoting non violence, integrity, unity, harmonious and peaceful coexistence world peace through the restoration of Buddha Dharma.

May the light of Buddha shine everywhere. May peace prevail everywhere!

Ven. Bhikkhu Sanghsena   Founder President  Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre , Leh Ladhak

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