Ratna Man Shakya

Ratan man sakya                                                                   Message from Ratna Man Shakya

The international sign campaign “Save Stupas Save Buddha” launched by “The Buddhist Forum” of India is really a positive step to make ourselves aware of our rich ancient Buddhist heritage all over Asia. With the promotion of the ancient Buddhist sites and monuments can think of economic growth through national and international tourism and building strong cultural tics with other Asian countries and above all message of to bring peace in ourselves and world with the teachings of Buddha

I met Mr. Sidharha Gauri of the “The Buddhist Forum” at the premises of  “Dharmodhaya  Sahha” in Kathmandu who introduce me and other members of “Dharmodhya Sahha” about this campaign and explain it importance in the present
times observing all its outcomes , we came to conclusion that it can be good for all the Asian countries.

I and members of “Dharmodhaya  Sahha” which is the major Buddhist Organization of  Nepal with its affiliation with The World Fellowship of Buddhists ( WFI3), support this campaign and wish to appeal to all humanity around the globe to support this campaign and get connected to it to bring the feeling of interfaith  harmony and universal brotherhood among the Asian countries which were the true teachings of Buddha .I wish my best success to all the members of “The Buddhist Forum” for  their endeavor to bridge the Asian countries in a common cord of Peace and culture

Let peace prevail in the World.

Ratna Man Shakya
General Seceratry, Dharmodhya Sabha

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