Nirvana Bodhisattva

NIRVANA BODHISATTVA                                                                        Message from Niravana Bodhisattva

My meeting with Siddhartha was inevitable. My journey goes through a path where such a meeting is a remembrance.  The precious heritage that we have inherited needs to be protected through peace and friendship. The great effort needed in finding peace and creating friendships is what we have to do in the forum as a team in our journey.  Asoka the great had built the magnificent stupas as an expression of his peace that he found deep inside the cave of his own heart.  During a visit to a stupa in Haryana the villagers said to me that there has been no conflict in their village for hundreds of years.  This is an expression that is so tangible and an inspiration for us to rediscover and resurrect the lost stupas that may disappear in the passage of time.  Siddhartha is doing a commendable work. I wish him well in his endeavor and will walk with him in this journey of discovery and resurrection.

Love and Maitri,
Nirvana Bodhisattva   Chairperson, Nirvanavan Foundation

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