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maithur rehman                                                                    Message from Matiur Rahman

It gives me immense honour and pride that soil of Bangladesh is still cultivating and carrying the traditions of Buddhist religious practices and monuments like stupas and viharas. The remains of ancient Buddhist sites at Paharpur, Mainamati, Mahasthangarh is still attracting the world community towards the rich Buddhist cultural heritage of Bangladesh.

The international sign campaign ‘Save Stupas Save Buddha’ launched by the ‘The Buddhist Forum’ from India is the need of the hour. In past nearly all that Asian countries have experienced the Buddhist religion and culture. I personally feel that Buddhism has the capacity to unite all of us on a common ground of interfaith activity.
Along with peace this campaign also has the feature like building tourism sector through promotion of the ancient Buddhist sites and monuments.

I pay my best wishes to all the members of The Buddhist Forum and peoples around the world who are supporting the campaign for its humanitarian effort to take humanity to a new horizon of peace and love. At the end, I once again appeal to the peoples of Asia to participate in this campaign.

Peace be upon all of us.
Matiur Rahman     Editor & Publisher       The Daily Prothom Alo,Dhaka, Bangladesh

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