INTACH joins hand with Buddhist Forum for establishing Park: Dainik Bhaskar

Convenor INTACH, Yamunanagar Chapter gives presentation at INTACH head office at New Delhi

The proposed ‘Asoka Edicts Park at Topra Kalan, Distt Yamunanagar’will now have INTACH collaborating with The Buddhist Forum. The Convenor INTACH Yamunanagar Chapter, Major  RS Bhatti along with President,’ The Buddhist Forum’ Mr Sidhartha Gauri, gave a presentation at the Head office of INTACH at New Delhi which was attended by the Chairman, Maj Gen LK Gupta, AVSM, Member Secretary Dr(Mrs) CT Mishra and Mr Jayanta Sanyal, Convenor INTACH Haryana State Chapter.  Sh Suresh Panjeta, representing the Sarpanch Topra Kalan was also  present. Maj Bhatti informed the News Bureau that the presentation was highly appreciated.

Valuable Suggestions for Enhancing the Significance of the Edicts Park.

Major Bhatti informed that the Chairman & Member Secretary gave valuable suggestions in order to enhance the significance of this Park. They suggested that this Park should be linked with the Tourist Circuit of the area in order to ensure holistic development of the area. Besides this, linking the study cum meditation Centre of the Park  with a related Institution will encourage development of educational aspect of the concept. The Idea & Concept of the ‘Asoka Edicts Park’ was highly appreciated by the the Head Office & congratulated & encouraged the Buddhist Forum for their effort. They said that establishing this Park will be a very significant cultural development for Haryana, because, inspite of a rich historical & cultural past of the area, so far we have no comprehensive listing & documentation of locations and sites related to the Buddhist  culture & post Asokan Era.

INTACH is Committed for Supporting the Project

Representative of the Panchayat Topra Kalan, Sh Suresh Panjeta has informed that INTACH has assured all possible support  for establishing the Park and is of the belief that work in this direction will commence shortly, as this NGO is active all over India in identifying & preserving our rich Heritage. Member Secretary has suggested the Yamunanagar Chapter to prepare a preliminary project report for which the head office will arrange  resources &  necessary technical inputs. This will be a prominent mile stone in the establishment of the Park.

Liaison With Nalanda University

The President of ‘The Buddhist Forum’ Siddharth Gauri informed that on advice from INTACH,  he has initiated liaison& dialogue with the Dr P C Panth, Director, Nav Mahavihara Nalanda University in order to establish the Study cum Meditation Centre Of the Park.

Buddhist Culture Related Tourist Site – A Boon to Haryana

Adding further, Convenor INTACH Yamunanagar Chapter, Maj RS Bhatti stated that INTACH Head Office is of firm conviction that this site can become a place of pride for Cultural revival of past Heritage in Haryana & spread the message of King Asoka to establish Peace, universal brotherhood & prosperity to all through honest means. All efforts should be  coordinated for successful implementation of the project & the Head office has assured all possible assistance. Screening the documentary’Dharmkshetra’ prepared by Siddhartha Gauri was very much appreciated  & Director & Member secretary suggested that  concerned organizations should carry out an elaborate  listing & Documentation of all existing monuments & sites related to the Buddhist & Asokan culture/philosophy in Haryana and prepare a comprehensive document which could become a reference treatise on the subject. Maj Bhatti  has visualized & suggested that we pool our resources to form a team of historians, journalists, and like minded volunteers to accomplish this task. Maj Bhatti  informed that renowned Historian of the area, Dr Rajbir Singh has volunteered his support in this project.

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