INTACH to help establish ‘Ashoka Edicts Park’ in Yamunanagar: The Tribune

The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) has joined hands with the Yamunanagar-based Buddhist Forum to establish replicas of the Ashoka Rock Edicts at Topra Kalan village in Radour... Read more »

INTACH joins hand with Buddhist Forum for establishing Park: Dainik Bhaskar

Convenor INTACH, Yamunanagar Chapter gives presentation at INTACH head office at New Delhi The proposed ‘Asoka Edicts Park at Topra Kalan, Distt Yamunanagar’will now have INTACH collaborating with The Buddhist Forum. The... Read more »

Buddhist monastery needs a name: Dainik Bhaskar

This question came into mind what is the name of this ancient monastery, when a British born Tibetan Buddhist monk and author of book “How can catch a snake” Karma Yeshe visited... Read more »

History repeat itself : Dainik Bhaskar

History Repeat itself :  Dainik Bhaskar Near about 2300 years back king Asoka erected a stone pillar in this village which was dismantle by Feroz Shah Tuglaq during 13th century and it... Read more »

Village Revives Asoka Link: Hindustan Times

Village Revives Asoka Link: Hindustan Times, December2, 2011 TOPRA  KALAN : In a novel initiative to promote rural tourism in Topra Kalan, panchayata of about 40 villages in Yamunanagar district have decided... Read more »

Will Ashoka Pillar Go To Topra Kalan : Hindustan Times

NEW DEIHI: Topra Kalan, a village in Haryana, wants back its heritage property — the Ashoka pillar inside the Ferozshah Kotla complex that was brought to Delhi about 650 years ago. The... Read more »

Ambala Village Want Ashokan Pillar Back : Times of India

Yamunanagar: A village panchayat has passed a resolution demanding return of the historic Ashokan period pillar, believed to have been taken from there by Feroz Shah Tughlak seven hundred years ago to... Read more »

Topra Kalan to Have Replica of Ashoka Pillar : Hindustan Times

KARNAL:In a unique initiative to reconnect itself with the forgotten legacy of Ashoka The Great, gram panchayat of a dusty village in Yamunanagar on Sunday announced to donate 2-care of village common... Read more »

History to be Rewritten by Topra : Dainik Bhaskar

It is said  history always repeat  itself and it is going to be proved by village panchyat of Topra Kalan village.village people of topra wish to bring their ancient Asoka pillar which... Read more »

New lease of life for Buddhist Monuments : The Hindu

A grassroots effort combined with a global initiative by a group of young men to preserve Buddhist heritage and monuments in the country has received a major impetus with a gram panchayat... Read more »