History to be Rewritten by Topra : Dainik Bhaskar

It is said  history always repeat  itself and it is going to be proved by village panchyat of Topra Kalan village.village people of topra wish to bring their ancient Asoka pillar which was taken by Feroz Shah Tughluq in 14th century A.D to New Delhi . People of this village want this pillar back which is mark there culturalidentity. The following memorandum is being send to district authority. Villagers are planning to build an park which will have the collection of all the Maurya period history and Buddhism . Village head Ramkali told that pillar should be brought back from new Delhi and it will be reinstall in the this park . The Buddhist Forum is helping out them in this work. President of The Buddhist Forum Sidhartha Gauri told that when Feroz Shah Tughluq came into this region he was charmed by the lustrous beauty of the pillar then he planned to take it back to Delhi .

Pillar was taken through the river Yamuna to Delhi.
Sidhartha told that it was court historian Shama-i-Siraj in Tharqi-a- Ferozshahi wrote the complete description how this pillar was transported.  A special cart was made which has 42 wheels and eight thousand people use to pull the cart to the bank of river Yamuna then from here it was carried though boats to Delhi . In 18th century it was British archaeologist Alexander Cunningham who identified this pillar and James Princep first person in history read the inscription on the pillar.

Magnificent pillar
It is the lone Asokan pillar which is which has all the seven inscription rest all the pillars all over India have five or six inscription . This pillar is 45 feet in length and 2.5 feet in diameter. After 2300 years also the pillar is still shining. Villagers of Topra believe that if Indian people can appeal to British to return Kohinoor then why not can also appeal to bring back the Asoka pillar from New Delhi.Park will show case the rich Maurya period glory. Sidhartha Gauri told that it is the first ever kind of start when an village is taking its individual stand to restore its cultural roots . the budget for this park is estimated to be Rs. 2 crorer . There will be mediation hall, museum and series of sculptures depicting the life of in Maurya period.

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