History repeat itself : Dainik Bhaskar

History Repeat itself :  Dainik Bhaskar

Near about 2300 years back king Asoka erected a stone pillar in this village which was dismantle by Feroz Shah Tuglaq during 13th century and it was transported to New Delhi. Presently the pillar now lies in Feroz Shah Kotla . Now people of Topra kalan are thinking in constructing the replica of this pillar.

In past the people of Topra Kalan use to know this fact but were silent. During this time Buddhist forum made a documentary film “Dhammachhetra” and during making of this film Sidhartha Gauri came to know about pillar in Topra Kalan. The description of this pillar is also mention in Tarik – e- Firozshahi by Shyam-a- Siraj who was the court historian associated with Feroz Shah Tuglaq . “Inscriptions of Asoka” published by A.S.I. has also description about this pillar.

Sarpanch took the decision after taking the confidence of the entire Gram Panchayat Topra Kalan to bring Asoka pillar back to the village but they could not succeed in to it. Then they took the decision that they going to make a park in which the replicas of the pillar will be installed. According to Sarpanch Mrs. Ramkali the park will be design with the consultancy of “The Buddhist Forum”. Prof Sohan lal of Chandigarh College of Architecture and their students are cooperating in this project.

The park will be constructed in series of stages. The first stage will start the end of this year. As it is one of the rare park to be constructed so lot of research is being going on.

According to Sarpanch Ramkali future planning regarding this park will be exhibited with the start of work of first phase.


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