His Holiness The Most Ven. Phong Samalirk

laos sangh raja                                                                       Message from H.H. Ven. Phong Samalirk

I highly appreciate the efforts of the “The Buddhist Forum” India in running the international sign campaign ”Save Stupas Save Buddha” for the presentation of the ancient sites and monuments all over Asia .
Buddha’s Messages of peace ,love ,compassion and forgiveness are very essential in the present times for humanity to lead a life full  of joy and happiness.

After meeting Mr. Sidhartha Gauri , president of the “The Buddhist Forum” about the aims of the international sign campaign I felt that it is very important for all the nations of Asia to think about peace , cultural union ,economic development and this campaign gives all of the opportunity to make a new start .

In the end I request to all the humanity irrespective of different religions, sects and nationalities to support this campaign and bring more interfaith and universal brotherhood in the world .

Peace and prosperity to all the humanity .
His Holiness The Most Ven. Phong Samalirk         Sangha Raja of Laos       President, Laos Buddhist Fellowship Organization

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