H.H Sangharaj Dharmasen Mahathero

h.h. sanghraja dharmasen                                                                   Message from H.H Sangharaj Dharmasen Mahathero

Throughout my life I have been propagating the teaching of Lord Buddha to bring peace, harmony and feeling of compassion among human beings around world. It’s my every day prayers to see a violence free world in future.

From the times of Lord Buddha Bangladesh which is still carrying its Buddhist tradition till today. Ancient Buddhist stupas and monuments have great relevance in the life of a Buddhist. They are regarded a symbol of Lord Buddha and possess the positive vibration which helped the spiritual seekers to reach the pinnacle of enlightenment. Pala dynasty was the first independent Buddhist dynasty of Bengal. They created many temples and works of art as well as supported the Universities of Nalanda and Vikramashila. Somapura Mahavihara built by Dharmapala is the greatest Buddhist Vihara in the Indian Subcontinent

On meeting with Mr. Sidhartha Gauri of “The Buddhist Forum” at Buddhist monastery in Chittagong I came to know about international sign campaign. It is a great opportunity for all humanity to think today about the concern of ancient Buddhist sites and monuments all over Asia which are in neglected and ruined condition. This can bring peace by having contribution from all the religions and sects all over Asia and world.

I believe that this campaign gives us an opportunity to all of to root out our differences and work out jointly with full energy for this campaign.
I wish that this effort of “The Buddhist Forum” will bring peace in Asia. I once again congratulate the members and all the people around the globe supporting this campaign.

Lord Buddha blesses all humanity with Peace.
H.H Sangharaj Dharmasen Mahathero          Supreme Patriarch of Bangladesh.


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  1. By the grace of the Three Jewels
    . This is a greeting message for HH Sangharaj Dharmasen Mahathero from Greece. I would like to comminicate with HH again. Thank you- In the Dharma FLShakys

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