Dr. Shashi Bala

Sashi Bala                                                                            Message from Dr. Shashi Bala

I appreciate the vision and mission of the Buddhist Forum – Voice of Dhamma.Reminding the message and mission of Asoka is valuable for the world today which is in natural, cultural, civilizational and moral crisis. Asoka had laid the foundation of common human virtues and values, wisdom and compassion, selflessness and togetherness.

Preservation of cultural relics means promotion of Buddhist values which are a shared heritage of Asian countries. I support you and send best wishes for the campaign.

Dr. Shashi Bala

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  1. …However food is necessary but not forget to meditate or concentrate everyday. Without our physical bodies and their five senses,our minds cannot distinguish our individual energy from the energy of a chair. WE are at one with Nature,Earth,SOUL,Universe and Each Other…

    …Buddha-Dharma-Sangha-science-fiction-MuayThai-History-Astrology-Superstition-religion-Language-math-mind-universe-meditation-Yoga-Music-Art-Agricuture-Herb-Food…this is good health and life. All give us this experience of Oneness. I will try to chat and understand you or everybody around the world. WE ALL ARE FRIENDSHIP…Truth me please…

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