Dr. Keshab Man Shakya

                                                                    KESHAB MAN SHAKYA  Message from Dr. Keshab Man Shakya

It is a great honor to join your campaign ‘Save Stupa Save Buddha’.  Buddhist stupas were constructed all over South and South East Asia in Afganistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal , Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, Thailand, Campuchia, Indonesia in ancient times after the Parinirvana of Buddha, during Ashoka and many other great rulers. All of these stupas marked special locations of important Buddhist events. These sites tell the ancient glory of the human beings and historical civilizations. In the lapse of 2500 years these stupas have been ruined and disappeared from the face of the earth. There are still traces of these great historical marks buried under the surface or barely sticking out in worst existence.

It is time for our generation to reestablish those marks of human excellence and peace. I fully support your endeavor to create a global responsibility of resurrecting the ancient human civilization. I wish you success in the campaign ‘Save Stupa Save Buddha’. I will be happy to play role in gathering information of stupas of historical importance in Nepal and join your campaign on Nepalese front.

Best Regards,
Keshab Man Shakya , Buddhist Activist, Nepal

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