Buddhist Stupa At Sanghol

sangholLocation                     :    Sanghol, Distt. Fatehgarh Sahib
Situation                    :    Ucha Pind , Tehsil Khamanon
Under Protection        :    Archaeological Survey of India
Period                         :   2nd – 3rd century A.D

Excavation at the ancient mound at Sanghol locally known as ‘Ucha Pind’ has given a sequence of six periods from late Harappan times to Gupta period. During the Kushana period it was a prosperous Buddhist centre. Presently there are two Buddhist site at sanghol

[Site I] 
This site has the remains of a large stupa and a monastic complex. The stupa contained the relics of a Buddhist personality which is concluded from the bone relics deposited in a soapstone casket bearing Kharoshthi inscription on its lid. Few votive stupas were also found near the main stupa. A rich treasure of.117 beautifully and finely carved sculptures, which includes 69 pillars, 35 crossbars figures and figurines of Yakshis and Salabhanjikas of the typical Mathura school of Kushana art.

[Site II]
This site is located near the main road which leads towards Ludhiana. Archeologists have discovered stupas with monastic complex on this site. The archeologist dates this site between 2nd and 3rd century A.D.
Both of these Buddhist sites were built during the Kushana period.

Present Situation
[Site II]
1.    This ancient site with stupas and monastery does not have any security fencing.
2.    The area around the site has been constantly encroached under agriculture land.
3.    This historical site is porn to get damage from local stay animals, children and farming equipments.

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  1. I expected a reasonable and honest reporting of the site. The statement that the Site II is not fenced and is encroached is absolutely false and biased. It is admirable that Buddhist sites are getting acknowledged but to paint a wrong picture just for petty selfish ends is disgusting. The site is fully fenced and has washrooms for visitors. It has a permanent watchman and their is not even an inch of encroachment at the site. If this was a mistake do make the necessary corrections immediately. Just tp paint a wrong picture so as to proove one’s “academic’ worth is sad.

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