Buddhist Stupa At Mathura

mathura 11Location                 : Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
Situation                : Gobindnagar, near Railway track
Under Protection    : Uttar Pradesh State Archeology Department.
Period                     : Harappan era

The site mound of Govindnagar is in fact in continuation of the mounds of Katra, Mahavidya from eastern side and Chaurasi from the northern side. The Delhi- Bombay Railway track has played a huge role in separating the long series of these mounds. Pre-Mauryan, Mauryan and Śunga remains underlie the Kushana and Gupta deposits at the site of Govindnagar. These areas form the largest series of Buddhist sites in the Braj region starting from around Katra and continuing up to Chaubara and Girdharpur. An inscription from Govindnagar mentions the name of a monastery as Vīradatta Vihāra.

Present situation
1)     This ancient site is being continuously encroached.
2)    There is no fencing for the protection of this valuable site.
3)     Lack and insufficient security measures is being adopted by the authorities.
4)     Smuggling of artifacts is being commonly observed.
5)     The excavation work at this site is partially done.
6)    Huge unwanted grass is found on the site.
7)    The site has become the spot for dumping garbage and cow dunk.

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