Buddhist Stupa At Chaitru

chaitruLocation                : Village Chitru , Distt. Kangra
Situation               : 5 miles North-West of Kangra
Under Protection   : Archeological Survey of India
Period                    : 1st century B.C

This mound at Chaitru is known as Bhim Tila. It slopes down from north-west to south-east and is about 200 feet long, 100 feet wide and 40 feet high. It stands on the east bank of the Manjhi stream and was lately intersected by the road to Dharamsala. During excavation at this site a huge Buddhist stupa with idol Buddha and a Buddha head were recovered. Presently these monuments are kept at Lahore museum. Inscription was also recovered from the site. Presently the site has been transform into a park.

Present situation
1.    Security conditions are not effective.
2.    The remains of ancient stupa is in ignored condition.
3.    Generally the stray dogs are found near the stupa remains which is disgrace to sacred structure.
4.    The site is in isolation without any further excavation work towards monument.

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