Buddhist Stupa At Asandh

asandh mLocation : Asandh, District Karnal
Situation : Location Jhimaron Ka Mohalla at Asandh town
Under Protection : Archaeological Survey of India
Period : Circa 1st Century BC

Historical Description : The name Asandh is rooted in the ancient Asandhivat. The name Asandhivat (Asandh) has been mentioned in the ancient Indian scriptures – Brahmanas, Sutras, Ashtadhyayi, Mahabharata etc. suggesting that in ancient past, it must have been an important town. It has a huge mound being constantly encroached upon by modern town. It has yielded Painted Grey Ware, ancient and historic pottery, Kushana coins and bricks, Yaudheya coins and medieval relics. The Kushan stupa located in this village has been transformed into a huge mound which is popularly known as Jarasandh Ka Qila. It is located at a distance of about 40 Km south west of Karnal. The stupa must have originally been a very gigantic structure as the mound still rises to a height of more than 25 meters. It indicates a circular drum with an elongated dome. The core was filled up with brick bats and earth between the walls that formed the spokes. In an exposed area, a circular wall made of baked bricks (as many as 44 courses of bricks) was noticed. The bricks used are approximately 34cm to 35.5cm.x21.5cm to 23cm x 5cm to 6cm in dimensions.

Present Situation
i) The ancient site of stupa has been acquired but does not have any complete security fencing for this historical monument.
ii) Security system is inefficient at this site. Generally human excreta is found all over the holy dome.
iii) Bushes and unwanted huge grass are growing casually around the site.
iv) The area around the stupa has been constantly encroached by the local people residing around it.
v) The valuable bricks are casually pilfered from the stupa and used by the local people in their houses.
vi) Throughout the day children are found playing on this ancient stupa which damages it a lot.

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  1. Today I visited there, I personally observed it is going worst condition day by day. Now the height, diameter etc reduced so-much. Is there any provision to help for safety of these type stupa’s. Why don’t we secure our past. I have taken many photographs, if u have requirement then, mail me
    Shashi kant
    House no.43
    thermal colony,
    PTPS, Aasan

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