1Location : (68˚ 06’ 30”E 26˚ 27’ 00”N) vill. Thull, Deh Mir Rukan, Taluka Daulat pur, District Nawab Shah                                                        

Period: Kushan period

Type of Structure: Stupa

No. of Stupas/Vihars/Votive stupas on the site : 1 Stupa

History : Thull or Stupa is round shaped stupa is divided into five horizontal phases. From plinth to app. 06 meters high it is damaged badly, villagers have taken bricks from stupa that is why this round portion is irregular in shape. At the end of first phase there is series of 10 layers and after this phase, 02 meter high parallel 20 bricks panels (Pillars), above the second phase there is another circle with extended curved rim about 02 meters high and above the third phase there is app. 02 meters high portion with 20 decorated bracket (Pillars), these brackets have floral and geometrical carved work. Above the fourth phase there is an engraved rim, 5th and the last phase is also damaged like the bottom.

A number of terracotta images of Buddha and 02 other representation showing the scene of birth of Buddha and decorated pottery found.


Present Condition:


(i)                Extensive exploration and excavation required around  the site.

(ii)              Need of promotional and tourism plan.

(iii)             Restoration work needed

(iv)             Preservation processes are to be initiate

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