Location : 67˚ 65’ 30”E   27˚ 54’ 10”N

Site is 9.65 k.m north of Tando Muhammad Khan (Hyderabad) at the junction of the Guni and Phuleli.


Type of Structure: Stupa / Vihar (Monastery)/Buddhist Complex


No. of Stupas/Vihars/Votive stupas on the site :

History : The area covered with broken bricks, pot sherds. There is abundance of sherds, the ground was studded up to nearly 01 km, with a number of tiny mounds covered with bricks bats potsherds, and stag pieces, the largest mound behind the main stupa was excavated by Bhandarkar, but layers of ashes interspersed with fragments of pottery were the only objects. The mound before excavation, rose to a height of about 6.096 meters, with a base diameter of about 137 out of this rose a mud cone or towers all that was left of the original brick tower of the stupa, which built of sun-dried bricks, (unbaked), regularly laid, with an outer shell or casing of ornamental burnt bricks. The lower part of the structure was oblong in plain, measuring 30.05 meters from north to south, and 23.43 meters from east to west, the centre of the tower coincided with the centre of the square formed with the south wall as one side.




A report was published in journal of the Bombay branch of the Royal Asiatic Society for 1857, this report is based upon the collection of terracotta plaque which has been sent from Sindh, these plaque comprised on “A figure of Buddha in a sitting posture with the legs drawn up, a head with a curled wig similar to those seen in the caves of Elephant, an elephant’s head, a figure the lotus together with fragments of cornices. These pieces sent from sudheran-Jo-Daro and recently published in the book “past nostalgia present glory”.


Present Condition :

(i)                Extensive exploration and excavation required on the site.

(ii)              Need of promotional and tourism plan.

(iii)             Restoration work needed.

(iv)             Preservation processes are to be initiated


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