Location : (68˚ 02’ 11”E 26˚ 45’ 00”N) Deh Sadhoja Taluka Moro District Naushero Feroze

Period : Still to be predicted

Type of Structure : Excavation work is to carried


No. of Stupas/Vihars/Votive stupas on the site :  2 Stupas , Vihar

History : This stupa is made of mud bricks the stupa in centre of courtyard with remains of stair case. It has two domes, first one is 04 meter high, its circumference is 16.76 meters and second one is also 04 meter high and its circumference is 3.65 meters. Two terracotta elephant face, two terracotta balls, carved bricks with floral and leaf motif with cylindrical brick, found from here Acanthus leaf, a decorated tile , a coin, a large plain brick, all decorated pottery pieces from bands or cornices and had some designs as from Kahu-Jo-Daro, Sudhern-Jo-Daro found. This material is in the custody of owner of this kot.


Present Condition :

1. Extensive exploration and excavation required on the site.

2. Need of promotional and tourism plan.

3. Restoration work needed.

4. Preservation processes are to be initiated


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