Buddhist site at Sagarhawa

sagarhawa1About 12km north of Taulihawa lies the forest of Sagarhawa, with a long lake known as Lumbusagar. In this site, the Sakyas were massacred by King Virudhaka out of vengeance. The entire area of this site was littered with blood of the Sakyas. About 70,000 Sakyas were killed in the massacre. Later, in the memory of the noble Sakyas, hundreds of the stupas were built here by their descendants. Dr. A.Fuhrer excavated and explored these stupas in 1897-1898. The Sakyas could fight against the invading army of Virudhaka, however they did not go for bloodshed. They observed their vows of non-violence until their death. They chose to sacrifice their lives than to break the vow of non-violence.

Extensive exploration and excavation all around the site.
Lack security personal on the site.
Need promotional plans.
Restoration work needed.
Fencing to provide security to the site.

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