Location  : 68˚ 07’ 54”E  27˚ 19’ 32”N

Period : Kushan Period

Type of Structure: Stupa  

 No. of Stupas/Vihars/Votive stupas on the site : 1 Stupa , Vihar    

 History : A grand Buddhist Stupa, the Stupa on the brick platform in the centre of the courtyards, the quadrangle of rooms surrounded the courtyard.Numerous earthen ware jars, while excavating the slope of the platform on the northern side of the hollow Stupa, Mr. N. A. Wartekar discovered a number of fragments of frescoes with painted Kharoshti & Brahmi inscriptions, which must have formed part of the decorations of the interior of the hollow stupa, the Kharoshti inscription can not be later than 2nd century A.D, copper coins discovered in this area are of the Siva & bull type of the great Kushan emperor Vasudeva-I. A discovery of a solitary but unique Greek coin in this area. Decorated pottery found.


 Present Condition  :

(i)                Extensive exploration and excavation required on the site.

(ii)              Need of promotional and tourism plan.

(iii)             Restoration work needed.

(iv)             Preservation processes are to be initiated

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