8Location : 68˚ 01’ 10”E 27˚ 20’ 11”N

village of Dhamrah, 08 km from Badah Railway Station on Badah-Mehar road

Period: Excavation is to be carried out

Type of Structure: Buddhist Complex  


No. of Stupas/Vihars/Votive stupas on the site : 3 Stupa / 1 Vihara

History :    It was reported in 1920. Two mounds are there, Acho Daro (White Mound) and Gharho Daro (Red Mound) circular in plan and conical in shape. This is a huge site, spread on an area of 7.24 acres. It comprises of three mounds or stupas and ruins of monasteries and citadel walls. Two stupas have very close affinity, the third one is on a short distance of half km. The main stupa or Red Mound(Garho Daro) is 12 meters high, this lies in the centre of a sacred area, the colour, this stupa has been built up with mud or unbaked or unburned bricks like other stupas of Sindh. These stupas are circular in plan and conical in shape. It is strewn with pottery and old brick bats. This large stupa or Red Mound still has a conical hallow as its centre, it actually resembles the crater of an extinct hollow. Dhamraho in fact consists of a citadel, which is also built of unbaked or mud bricks. In spite of these stupas there is another irregular cluster of mounds, which represent the ruins of monasteries and other building or sacred places of the township


Present Condition :

(i)                Extensive exploration and excavation required on the site.

(ii)              Need of promotional and tourism plan.

(iii)             Restoration work needed.

(iv)             Preservation processes are to be initiated

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