Buddhist monastery needs a name: Dainik Bhaskar

This question came into mind what is the name of this ancient monastery, when a British born Tibetan Buddhist monk and author of book “How can catch a snake” Karma Yeshe visited the ancient Buddhist monastery of  Adi Badri. Karma Yeshe came on his tour to visit the ancient heritage Buddhist sites in district Yamauna Nagar . During his visit he came to see the ancient Buddhist monastery in Adi Badri . It is believed that it was build during 2000 years back. The monastery was excavated during the discovery of river Saraswati.  From that time no name has been given to the monastery.

Karma Yeshe said that “Asoka Edicts Park” is a big project which is being initiated by Grahm Panchyat and The Buddhist Forum. President of the Buddhist forum told that this project is being undertook under taken by Grahm Panchyat. Sidhartha told that Karma Yeshe has specially come to see all the ancient heritage remains in Yamauna Nagar district. He told that he will support in the making of this park and it is big plan and efforts should be made in this direction also to revive the ancient Buddhist heritage. When this park will get developed he will be coming here to teach. He told that with the development of this park the other neighboring Buddhist sites will also be promoted and can be a good Buddhist tourist circuit also.

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