Ashokan pillar at Kotla was originally brought from Topra: Dainik Jagran

Topra village is situated about 20 kilometre south of Yamuna Nagar, The pillar at Kotla was erected at this place by Emperor Ashoka . The height of this pillar is  42 feet 7 inches. This was polished up to a height of 35 feet and the other part was rough.  Feroz Shah Tughlaq brought this column in  1365 AD and erected at the top of his palace at Kotla  . Very few people are aware of this historical fact that  Topra was once  the centre of religious faith  for the  followers of Buddhism .  Occasionally People from  the  abroad  come to this village to see the  place where it was founded by Emperor Ashoka . But historians are still not sure about its exact location .

According to Historian, this Ashokan pillars used to have an average height of 50 feet  and the perimeter is 50 inches and weight equal to  50 tons . All columns were made of same stone. In Haryana The Buddhist Forum is working for creating the awareness about the  Buddhist heritage which are in neglected and ruined conditions . The former director of  CBI  Joginder Singh is the ambassador of  the  Forum. President  of the Forum Sidhartha told that the Ashokan pillar at Kotla is in one of the finest pillar in conditions with respect to the other pillars found all over India .

Ashoka Pillar  at Topra was carried in a special designed cart which has 42 wheels and was pulled by 200 men . As Delhi was at a distance 120 miles from Topra therefore 8400 mens were involved in this transportation work .

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