Ven. Jinwol

ven.                                                                         Message from Ven. Jinwol

After meeting and listening about the international sign campaign “Save Stupas Save Buddha” from Mr. Sidhartha Gauri the president of the “The Buddhist Forum” appealed me lot in terms of interfaith harmony and developing peaceful relations among the Asian countries .

In the past Buddhist culture and philosophy prevailed in nearly all the Asian countries and now it gives us a chance to unite together and develop strong cultural ties and walk towards prosperity and peace.

The concept of the campaign is to bring the economic and spiritual development with the promotion of the ancient Buddhist monuments through pilgrimage tourism and bring people of different nations together.

I feel that it the campaign which we need today and supporting this campaign can bring some very significant result.

Let’s all of come forward and bring more peace in the Asia and world.


Ven. Jinwol

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