Tibetans Members of Parliament Discovered the Association of Buddha with Haryana : Dainik Bhaskar

In past Haryana was an important centre of Buddhism . It has been justified by the documentary film “The Lost Land of Buddha”. After exhaustive research of three years the Buddhist forum helped in making of the film. President of forum Sidhartha said that documentary film has showed all the major ancient Buddhist sites in Haryana. Some monuments in film shown are 2300 years old.

Sidhartha told that a special screening of the documentary film was screen at Tibetan Parliament, Dharamshala for members of parliament. Nearly all the Member of Parliament were present on this occasion. Sidhartha told that members of parliament were highly impressed on seeing the ancient buddhist sites and culture of Haryana.
Sidhartha told that it is the first ever documentary film made on the ancient Buddhist sites on buddhism in Haryana. At present the conditions of ancient Buddhist sites is not in good condition. Many of the critical monuments have been lost and other are on the verge to lose the existence .  Urgently measures for preservation are the need of the hour. These monuments can enhance the tourism. These ancient Buddhist monuments can be an matter of great attraction for international tourism.

The director of the documentary film, Sidhartha told that his core mission is to make awareness about the presence of Buddhist religion in Haryana. The film has been screen at Tibetan university (Sarnath) , Kurukshetra University , Dharamshala , Kagyu college (Dehradun) .

During the promotion of Buddhism , Buddha visited Haryana . Buddha delivered dharma discourses at Sugh village , Kurukshetra , Panipat . In ancient time Buddhism reached to its maximum height . Sugh , Adi Badri , Kurukshtera , Asandh (Karnal) and Agroha were the main centre of Buddhism in Haryana  .

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