Tibetans laud film on Buddhism in Haryana : The Tribune

A documentary film “Dhammachhetra – The Lost Land of Buddha” was screened at Dharamsala recently, which showcased ancient monuments like stupas, monasteries and idols related to Buddha in Haryana. Talking to The Tribune, Sidhartha, director and producer of the documentary film, said the film was made after exhaustive research for three years and support from renowned archaeologists of Haryana. The film has been already telecast in 147 countries, he added.
Sidhartha said the film highlighted the history of Buddhism in Haryana since Ashokan period up to 14th century. According to Buddhist scriptures, the foundation of Buddhism in the state was laid by Buddha himself where he delivered several discourses. The film also focuses on the neglected and grim condition of Buddhist monuments in the state.

He further said the special feature of the film is the 2000-year-old Buddhist idols made in Gandhar, Afghanistan. Members of the Tibetan parliament were amazed to see the richness of ancient Buddhist monuments and culture of Haryana.

In his message, Samdhong Rinpoche, prime minister of Tibet-in-exile, said, “I believe this film will certainly create awareness about the existence of Buddhism, particularly ancient monuments, in Haryana. Therefore, I invite all people to watch this documentary and spread Buddha’s teachings of peace and non-violence”.
Penpa Tsering, speaker, Tibetan parliament-in-exile, said the documentary would be a guiding force in attracting many Buddhist pilgrims to Haryana. The film highlights that Adi Badri, Sugh, Chaneti, Kurukshetra, Asandh, Agroha etc were important centres of Buddhism in ancient times in Haryana.

Penpa said, “It is an eye opener for me to witness 2300-year-old Buddhist monuments in Haryana. I am sure this documentary will be the guiding force in attracting many Buddhist pilgrims to Haryana. This will not only help preserve the invaluable Buddhist monuments but also enrich the long existing Buddhist heritage”.

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