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The Buddhist Forum-voice of Dhamma an NGO has been promoting Buddhist monuments across the country. It has been producing documentaries and seeking the government’s help for the restoration of these historical treasures. Sidhartha, the founder president of the NGO, who produced and directed two documentaries Ramayana Aur Ramsethu and Dhammachhetra: The Lost Land of Buddha discovered that the ancient monuments were in grim condition. It was appalling for them to observe that the ancient Buddhist sites apart from the major places like Bodh Gaya, Sarnath and Kushinagar do not receive much attention.

Sidhartha and his team appealed to the authorities but to no avail. The NGO later launched an international signature campaign to spread awareness about the need for conserving this rich religious and cultural past. Over 21000 signatures gathered by them following the campaign were Submitted to President Pratibha Patil in December 2009. The NGO believes that over 300 sites all over India require conservation. The initiative would help preserve the centuries-old legacy.

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