The New and Deformed Chanti Stupa : Dainik Jagran

The Buddhist Forum raised the voice against the renovation work not being done as per standard norms at  Chaneti Stupa  by Archaeology Survey of India(A.S.I) since last few years . The forum is of the view that according to archaeological principle of preservation we have to preserve the ancient monuments without losing its original shape. But in this case , after seeing the renovated  stupa which looked  totally changed when it was initially  excavated .
Chaneti stupa is being totally renovated by the officials of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and there are three different quality of bricks used for renovation which are nowhere in similar size and shape to the original  ancient bricks of stupa.

The stupa has been completely covered with new bricks leaving no traces behind its original bricks and the marks of ancient concrete mixture over stupa. Now it is like a newly built structure with bricks, sand and cement.
The binding material for the bricks used is cement and sand which is prohibited in the renovation of ancient monuments. There were traces of approx. thirteen pits between every two niches at four cardinal point but now they have been covered under newly built Parikarma Path .

The President of The Buddhist Forum Sidhartha has appealed to Director General of Archeology Survey of India (A.S.I) in writing several times  regarding the substandard work  being done by the ASI is completely distorting the  Chaneti Stupa but not a single reply has come from His side .

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