Sugh was a great study centre like Taxila University : Daink Jagran

Sugh is an important village in the Distt. of Yamuna Nagar,  Haryana . There is a huge mound in the  village which is believed to the ancient shrughn the city established around 2500 years ago .It is a place which is described in Ashtadhayi, the book by sanskrit scholar Panini and people who were taught here at that vary time were called Shrughnai . They were given high regards in society .

It is believed  that Buddha also have visited this place . The chine’s  traveller Huein Sang also visited Sugh in 7 th century but found this city in a ruins state . Sikh tenth Guru Gobind Singh also visited Sugh . Alexander Cunningham the father of Indian archaeology has identified Sugh to be the same place which was called Shrugn in ancient scriptures. He believed that it is his one of the best discoveries of life time .

From the excavation it is believed that it was place where Hindu and Buddhist coexisted together and was the centre of study for both the faiths. Huein Sang also mention about the Buddhist monasteries in Sugh . Chaneti Stupa of Ashokan period is also close to Sugh .Keeping in view the importance of sugh, very little works has been towards preservation and excavation at Sugh . The land is constantly encroached by local farmers .

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