Sugh the mine of beads : Dainik Jagran

Near to Yamuna Nagar is a village Sugh . The mound of of Sugh have revelled the 2000 years old idols of Hanuman. It is great centre for the archaeologist and historians in state to collects the ancient beads after rains. The idols recovered from here are kept at Chandigarh Museum and Art Gallery. During ancient time Sugh was an beautiful town built on the ancient trade route. It was the prime centre for the costly jewellery and ornaments in ancient time .
Re owned archaeologist Devendra Handa said that from Sugh many rare idols related Ramayana  have been discovered like that of Lord Rama and  Hanuman .It is said at that  teachers from Yunan used to come and teach astrology , geography and other subject at sugh .

The president of The Buddhist Forum said that from Sugh many idols of Buddha has also been unearthed. He told that according to Hieun Tsang there were Buddhist monasteries also. 2500 years old ancient coins had also been discovered. Alexander Cunnigham , the Father of Indian Archeology considered Sugh as one of the best sites discovered during his life time .From satellite picture it is clear that the ancient site of Sugh does not have an fencing and the land is being constantly encroached.

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