Stupa faces threat of construction activity: Hindustan Times

Asandh (Karnal): Uregulated construction activities pose a threat to the 2,000 year old stupa here protected by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).Located about 50km from Karnal, the stupa is known as Jarasandha Ka Qila. Jarasandha, the king of Magadha, had fought against the Pandava in the battle of the Mahabharata.

Due to apathy of the officials, the stupa is facing a serious threat to its rich archaeological value.A visit to the archaeological site showed that some villagers had started haphazard construction near its main entrance. Illegal construction around the historical mound is not new. The ASI had takes up the issue with the district authorities several times, but nothing much has happened.Siddhartha Gauri, an activist from Yamunanagar, who is working for the protection of ancient Buddhist sites said he and his teammates had seven unregulated digging and construction taking place near the stupa.“A heap of ancient bricks were apparently taken out while digging near the monument” he said.
“ASI must take action so that no harm is done to the stupa.” Gauri said “The near around the stupa should be declared a no construction zone.”

Impurities have revealed that the mound is a valuable site where antiquities were found. “The Assandh stupa’s significance is due to its affiliation with the Kushana period, “ said an ASI official.According to Allahabad Museum director Rajesh Purohit, Assandha is mentioned even in the Mahabharata Purohit, who has worked on various archeological activities in Haryana, said Asandivat was the ancient name of the present day Assandh town and it was mentioned in the Brahmanas, Sutras, Astadhyayi and Mahabharata.

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