Renovation of Buddhist sites in vicious State : Dainik Bhaskar

In last 20 years Haryana state archeological department has spent just 81 lakh rupees on ancient Buddhist sites. Buddhist Forum reviled this information on the behalf of RTI Act.

President of the forum Sidhartha Gauri told that the status of ancient Buddhist sites in Haryana is in bad state due to lack of budget and sites are suffering. Sidhartha gauri told that 75 lakh rupees have been invested on renovation of Buddhist stupa but in this process of renovation the design of stupa was altered cement and sand was used. Later on whitewash wash done over the stupa. The whole of the renovation work was conducted by officials of ASI, Chandigarh  circle through RTI Haryana state archeology has spend 75 lakh rupees on renovation which does not prove to be worth full.

Sidthartha Gauri when asked ASI, Chandigarh circle about their work towards ancient heritage sites in Haryana then their answer was that they does not have any organized information  of their work.

The statues of ancient Buddhist heritage sites is gloom.

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