PM Office Awakened But Authorities Silent On Buddhist Monuments : Dainik Jagran

Monday: In India nearly 300 ancient Buddhist monuments are in the ruined condition. Nearly 2500 years old Buddhist monuments are in neglected condition nor the state or central governmental department of various states of India are tacking any initiative to preserve them. Archaeological Survey of India is trying all its efforts on papers than on the sites . With the preservatives measures in this direction we will not only save of the ancient Buddhist heritage but also will help in developing national tourism. With promotion of these monuments we create tourism sector up to thousand of crore .

The Buddhist Forum has shown resentment by writing letters to P.M. office and Members of Parliament about the plight of the Buddhist monuments all over India. President of The Buddhist Forum Sidhartha Gauri told that complete information regarding list of monuments in every state and there conditions were send to all the Members of the Parliament for concrete action  in this direction but only two M.P have shown interest . P.M.O has asked the A.S.I on the situation of the monuments.

Sidhartha Gauri told that on March 12, 2009, former member National Minorities Commission Ven. Lama Chopshel Zotpa inaugurated this campaign from Chaneti stupa , Yamuna Nagar . December 30, 2009, forum submitted 21,000 signatures to President of India Smt. Paritbha Devi Singh Patil for taking certain action in this direction.

Former C.B.I Director Joginder Singh , former Tibetan PM In-Exile  Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche , former Nagaland Governor Om Prakash Sharma , Magsaysay awardee Dr. A. T.  Ariyaratne and Aung san suu kyi of Mayanmar are key supporter to this campaign.

Superintendent archaeologist Archaeological survey of India , Chandigarh circle stated that all the Buddhist monuments are well preserved and all the necessary tourism facilities have been provided on the site . All the necessary information has been send  to the P.M office in this regards . Whereas president of The Buddhist Forum Sidhartha Gauri told that official of A.S.I are misleading P.M. office and very with present condition pictures of the Buddhist sites will be submitted to P.M. office.

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