Peanuts for ancient sites’ maintenance: The Tribune

ch1A steep decline in budgetary allocations for the upkeep of ancient sites of great historical and religious importance has lead to rise in apprehensions of those involved in conserving the monuments that reduced grants will result in neglect of the structures.

As per the records, the Haryana Government, which used to allocate up to Rs 27 lakh every year for the maintenance of ancient structures till 1991, gradually reduced the grant to Rs 1.81 lakh in the last budget, making it difficult for the conservators to preserve these sites.

Information gathered under the RTI Act by The Buddhist Forum revealed that the Haryana Archaeological Department, which has three sites under its jurisdiction, the ancient Buddhist sites at Sugh and Chaneti in Yamunanagar district and one in Kurukshetra, could spend Rs 7,58,4448 on the renovation of the Chaneti stupa in Yamaunanagar from December 2005 to March 2010.

However, not much had been done for the maintenance of the sites at Sugh, which is one of the important sites in the region. The department only spent Rs 2,62,938 to revamp the Stupa in Kurukshetra, revealed the RTI.

Besides, a number of mounds of historical importance in Aharwan, Bhadas, Ameen, Sandhya and Mewat have not been included in the list of the protected monuments by the department, making it more difficult for these sites to survive the vagaries of nature.

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