Neglection of monuments : Dainik Bhaskar

Mound speaks the philosophy of its ancient times : Bhuna ,Fathebad
Buna a village in distt. Hissar of Haryana has a ancient mound which is about 25 meters in height. A stupa railing pillar was recovered from the site. Beautiful art work is done over it. Archaeologists believed that there might be a Kushan Period stupa in the mound. Presently a large part of this mound has been encroached but still a part is left where the excavation work can be carried out, which is also the demand of the Buddhist Forum.

According to the forum, Buddhism teaches the middle path which can be viewed from the carving of the railings pillars surrounding the stupas which used to show anger , lust , revenge and love depiction in human form over these railing pillars.

There is Asoka pillar in the premises of an mosque in Fathebad district . which is 5 m in height and 1.9 m in width. Later on Firoz Shah Tuqluk inscribed the name of its own family members over the inscriptions of King Asoka. According to the archaeologist, the pillar might be originally brought from Hansi or Hissar .

General secretary of the  “The Buddhist Forum” Gaurav Kapoor said tha the lower portion of the pillar is getting eroded day by day . Gaurav said that officials of A.S.I should make some effort to restore it and just one sign board on the site is not sufficient but department showed do some immediate work also in this direction.

Protection statues was given to stupa but not the security : Asandh , Karnal

There is a 2000 years old ancient stupa in the village Asandh of distt. Karnal In ancient times present Asandh was called Asandivat. Pottery Gray ware were found from here which  gives a indication of human settlement in this area. There are question why such a huge stupa was build here? It said that Lord might have visited this place and would have given sermons or some major incident related to Buddhism might have happened here.

Presently the human encroachment is posing a great danger to stupa. The bricks of the stupa is being pilfered. In ignorance and illiteracy the locals are using this place to tie up there buffalos and dumping there garbage’s also. General secretary of the Buddhist forum Gaurav kapoor told that authority is not paying due consideration to the security of stupa.

Amin need historical reorganization: Amin, Kurukshetra
There is clear evidence of a stupa in the mound of Amin but still efforts were not made in order to track it . Archaeologist Dr.B.B. Lal in this excavation found the ancient potter which according to him belong to Mahabharata period . Later on with the incoming of Buddhism stupa might be build here. Two stupa railing of red sandstone have been from the mound . Presently these are kept in the National Museum, New Delhi in Maurya and Sungha art gallery. Archaeologist believe that there might be an huge town below this mound , there are several smaller mounds also in the main mound.  Large amount of presence pottery gives a clear indication of an ancient township.

General Secretary of the Buddhist forum told that presently a complete village has been set over this mound and occasionally small artifices and bricks been unearthed from the mound . He told that it is not the complete mound has been encroached still portion is left where the excavation can be carried out . According to forum there are still chance to find the remains of the stupa and monastery in the mound and a small museum should be made here to display the artefacts recovered from the mound.

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