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Chandigarh : Haryana is not only the land of Mahabharata where krishna delivered the Geeta sermon , Lord Buddha along with  his closet disciple Anada , has also preached here . However the heritage is fast withering for want of appropriate care .

A unique film capture Haryana losing its more than a millennium old Buddhist heritage . It talks about the places where where both krishna and Buddha had preached . The potential of Haryana as a destination for Buddhist from abroad has been brought out in a documentary by sidhartha , who is also running an international sign campaign to save Buddhist monuments . the documentary maker is based in Yamunanagar , even wrote letters to chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda and Haryana governor Jagannath Pahadia calling for the support to cause but to no avail .

Sidhartha who earlier made a film on Ramsethu told TOI  ” I am yet to hear from the CM or the governor on the matter , that could give Haryana a special place as an international buddhist tourist destination as well as do wonders for the states brand buildings” The 24 minutes long documentary named “dhammachhetra – The Lost Land of Buddha “would be shown on DD india on august 6 bring out the heritages importance and its neglect .

The documentary states  Buddhism was propagated in Haryana by  Buddha himself , who travelled through Haryana several times via the ancient  trade route of Mathura-Taxila and  went on upto Gandhar .The film shows Buddha delivered several dharma discourses like Maha Sati Pradhan Sutt , Magandikya Sutt , Anadjisapay Sutt and Mahnidar Sutt .
Quoting Dr. Sanjay Kumar  Manjul , Superintendent Archeologist of Archeological Survey of India , the film says excavation have brought to light remains of many Stupas and Buddhist monasteries within one Km  radius of Adi Badri , believed to be a source of the elusive Saraswati river . Stupas here are between 1,500 and 1,800 years old and monasteries around 1,000 years old .

Near Adi Badri , in a village named Sandhaya  brick mound exists which could be a Stupa also .Five Km away from Yamunanagar  remains of Sugh village , which is as significant as Taxila , have been found as depicted in the documentary . The remains date back to Ashokan  era . The Father of Indian Archeology Alexender Cunnigham  has discovered Shrughn same as Sugh village near Jagadhri . Chinese traveler Huen Tsang has  mentioned five monasteries at this place in his writings . it was a prime eduction and teachings center of Buddhism in those days . The documentary has quoted the watchman Narender Kumar here saying a lot of ancient utensils and beads are found here . A Stupa of Mauryan period Chaneri stands tall near the place without much attention .Sidhartha says “Visits to this prodded me to make a film on neglected of such great heritage and launch an international sign campaign to save Stupas . This is only Stupa belonging to the Mauryan period in North India . “Thanesar town in Kuruksherta also had a Stupa as per Huen Tsang writings , but now only yellow bricks are found at the spot with out any trace of the Buddhists structure .

Even within Kurukshetra university campus near Braham Sarvor , there is structural evidence of a Stupa and monastery It is on lines of Sarnath and Agroha . While the upper part is lost , garbage and broken gates show neglect , as the film brings out . One Stupa is in the utter neglected in Asandh village of Karnal district . It was discovered by archeologist Devender Handa . It is more than 25 meter high . It resembles the Dhamek Stupa of Sarnath . Agroha also has a Stupa .

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