Meeting Dasho Dorji Tshering,Bhutan


TBF President Mr. Sidhartha Gauri met the Director General of Cultural Dept. Bhutan, Dasho Dorji Tshering, regarding the International Sign Campaign ‘Awakening Asia – A Global Responsibility’ on 8th March 2013.

He briefed him about the project Asoka Edicts Park which is under process at Topra Kalan, Yamunanagar. He discussed and sort information on the ancient Buddhist sites in Bhutan.

Director General of Cultural Dept of Bhutan, Dasho Dorji Tshering, appreciated the working of The Buddhist Forum for ancient Buddhist sites in Asia and will help in incorporating the ancient Buddhist sites of Bhutan.





  • I was trying to reach my fellow class mate
    Dasho Dorji tshering in Bhutan. Can you please help me to connect to him?

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