Local Campaign on Stupas Lauded : Hindustan Times

Yamunanagar : Impressed with a documentary campaign initiated by a Yamuna nagar based non profit organization for raising its voice in preserving several Buddhist monuments across Haryana, the Dalai Lama has appealed for a wide public support in the mission .

The documentary is a part of the “save stupas save buddha ” campaign led by Sidhartha Gauri of The Buddhist Forum that started an awareness drive to identify several monuments in Haryana associated directly with Buddha .
The drive is aimed at the protection of the ancient Buddhist monuments in Haryana , which are on the verge of extinction  due to proper care .

Stupas at Buddha Vihar at Adi Badri , a Buddha Stupa at Chaneti both in Yamuna nagar district  , the Kurukshetra Stupa , a monastery at Kurukshetra University , a Buddha Stupa in Asandh  and monartery in Agroha in Hissar are some of the places associated with Buddha . The Dalai Lama lauded its role in creating awareness about the various stupas .

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