Largest Stupa of Haryana became the dumping ground : Dainik Jagran

This is the tallest Bauddh Stupa of Haryana which lies in the village Asandh of Distt. Karnal . In Ancient time it was called Asandivat . During excavation by Archaeological Survey of India,  Painted Grayware  have also been recovered from this place.

The Stupa of Asandh lies up to an height of 25 meters and is said to be 2000 years old . It resembles in the shape to that of Dhamek Stupa at  Sarnath. This gigantic Stupa was discovered by senior archeologist Davender Handa in 1981.
President of The Buddhist Forum Sidhartha told that people of Asandh are still unaware of this  fact that it is an ancient Buddhist stupa , local villagers call it Jarasandh Ka Kila (The Fort Of Jarasandh).

The lack of awareness and security  about the stupa is posing a  great threat to the stupa . The bricks of the stupa are constantly being  pilfered by the local people . The area around the stupa is constantly encroached.

This place have become the centre to throw the garbage and waste . People usually place cow dunk and buffalos on this stupa .Again it the Government which is not taking the considerable measures to create awareness about the stupa so that  people ignorance does not harm this valuable stupa .If efforts are made to conserve this stupa with the locals it can bring Asandh on the world  map of tourist attraction .

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