Identify me , I am your history : Dainik Jagran

Chaneti stupa has already made his mark on international tourism map but the ancient stupa of sandhay is still in the darkness. This mound has revelled the pottery from Harappan , Kushan and  up till  Gupta period . Archaeologist are finding great interest in the mound of sandhya . Ancient river Saraswati also flow along side of the mound.

This mound is 25 Km. from Yamuna Nagar. The mound is surrounded by the red pottery which gives an clear indication that there might have been a large township. Senior Archaeologist of Archaeological Survey of India , Sanjay Kumar Manjul said that during the excavation at Adi Badri they visited  mound of Sandhya and found from its existing dome like shape that it could be a huge  stupa also . The bricks on this mound belong to Kushan period. On the top of the mound we can see various brick pillars. Gupta period pottery is found in large abundance. It is said that this place might be inhabitant from Saraswati Valley Civilization till Gupta period. Presently this mound lies between Adi Badri and Kapalmochan.

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