We cordially invite Spiritual Organizations, Non-Government Organizations and Corporate Firms from different parts of the World for their support and participation for  International sign campaign ‘Save Stupas Save Buddha’ to create a global awareness for the preservation and promotion of ancient Buddhist monuments all over Asia.


Mission of TBF

1. To create awareness and promote the neglected ancient Buddhist sites in Asia.
2. Organizing pilgrimage journeys to various Buddhist shrines which have lost their existence.
3. Re-establishing Buddhist art and culture by establishing museums and pilgrim centres.
4. Initiating programs to develop the feeling of peace, harmony, brotherhood and love between the various religions in the world.

Objectives of Campaign

1. To preserve and create awareness among the people about the ancient Buddhist sites in Asia in neglected condition.
2. To form an international body, which will collaborate with the Government of Asian countries for promotion, preservation and research of ancient Buddhist sites and monuments throughout Asia.

Why Asoka Edicts Park?

During the reign of king Asoka a pillar was erected in Topra Kalan, on which the  royal edicts of king Asoka were engraved. During 14th century Feroz Shah Tuglaq transported this massive pillar from Topra Kalan to Delhi. With the cultural awakening of village Topra Kalan, the Gram Panchayat of the village took the decision to revive the cultural heritage in Topra Kalan by building the “Asoka Edicts Park” in the memory of king Asoka


Video Message

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi – In support for International Sign Campaign “Save Stupa Save Buddha”

We Welcome You To Join Us

With your crucial participation the sign campaign can reach to large masses in your local areas and will create more awareness about the historicity of Buddha’s life and will like to safeguard the ancient Stupas.

Please email us the following details about your organization to become the partner organization in this campaign.

1) Name of Organization (Letter from President or General Secretary)
2) Postal Address
3) Contact Numbers
4) Fax Number
5) Email and Website address