Helping in Preserving Pakistan Buddhist sites: Dainik Jagran

T.B.F is making an effort to supplement the peace process with Pakistan with promotion and projecting the ancient Buddhist sites in  Pakistan . Pakistan is known worldwide for its rich Gandhara art and ancient sites in Taxila and Peshawar. Ancient Buddhist had been discovered in four provinces of Pakistan which have a great potential in developing then as important & significant Tourism destinations.

The forum is trying to create a tourism route based on ancient Buddhist sites from Nalanda, Bihar up to Taxila  in Pakistan. Sidhartha said that if such type of tourism circuit then it can bring prosperity  and peace in  between two countries.

For the past 2300 years these ancient Buddhist monuments all over Asia have been a  symbolic  reminder  of the universal brotherhood & co-existence. “The Buddhist Forum” based in Yamaunanagar, Haryana has been working on highlighting the plight of ancient Buddhist sites in different countries of Asia like Afghanistan , Bangladesh, India, Nepal and  Sri Lanka .The Buddhist Forum(T.B.F) believes that these ancient monuments can be helpful in bring peace among Asian nations in order to create an atmosphere of harmonious co- existence, which is need of hour

Lately the T.B.F has initiated its work  for collation of information about the ancient Buddhist sites in Sindh province on their website, which was yet unknown to the world community. Dr. Mastoor Fatima  Bukhari , Professor , Department of Archaeology, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur Sindh , Pakistan have joined the forum and assisted in providing the essential information about the ancient sites. Soon TBF is going to create a database of ancient Buddhist heritage sites in Pakistan and will sensitize the local community on the significance of these heritage sites.

Syed Mumatz Alam Gilani from Pakistan People Party a former federal minister of Human Rights and current Member of Parliament form Bahawalnagar has came forward to support the forum in this direction. In this endeavour the forum is trying to establish contact with prominent organizations of Pakistan like Edhi Foundation , Mia Mir Welfare trust.


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