Haryana Buddhist Monuments to be showcased Internationally : Dainik Jagran

For the first time an documentary film has been made on the ancient Buddhist Monuments in Haryana in order to introduce them to world order . The film is dedicated to victims  of atomic bombing at  Hiroshima  and Nagaski . The film “Dhammachhetra – The Lost Land of Buddha “has been produce by white horse works  in order to creat awareness about the buddhist monuments which are still away from the eyes of people of India , Haryana and the World . The film shows ancient culture of buddhism which was in full color During 2,300 years ago . The film will be telecast on DD india on August 6 and vary soon the film will released in countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka , China and many more .

The film highlight  one of the world oldest Gandhara(Afghanistan) made Buddha idols and Stupas in Adi Badri , Asandh , Kurukshetra , Agroha , Chnati in Haryana . The film justifies that Buddhism existed in Haryana till 12 th and 14 th century A.D . Through this documentary the promotion of  Buddhist monuments can enhance the tourism in Haryana .

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