Global Buddhist Congregation New Delhi

sidhartha gauri GBC1

Sidhartha Gauri president of “The Buddhist Forum” was invited as one of the speaker in Global Buddhist Congregation 2011 held in New Delhi . Which is considered to be one of the biggest Buddhist conference held in India in last 60 years .

He presented his power point presentation on Concern and Status of Buddhist Monuments of India in 2011 In India today, Buddhism is recognized by only eight major pilgrimage sites but few know that India is home to an estimated 312 Buddhist sites, which have acted as important centers in the past. What is their status today?
During this event “The Buddhist Forum” also introduced the international sign campaign “Save Stupas Save Buddha” to the delegates, observers and other participants. Head monks and dignities from various religious bodies and N.G.O’s around the world supported this campaign by lending their signature.

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