Dr. Pranav Pandya, MD

dr. pranav pandayai                                                                       Message from Dr. Pranav Pandya,MD

It gave us immense pleasure to know that incentives are being taken to rennet the centers of mass awakening (Bauddha Vihar and Stupas) spreading great teachings of Lord Buddha in the country and abroad by the “Buddhist Forum”.

Present Hinduism characterizes with Lord Buddha’s ‘Bhuta Daya”, kindness towards all and Shankaracharya’s ‘Brahmavidya’, the sacred knowledge of Brahma (theosophy). Every Indian adores Lord Buddha as an all pervading and auspicious incarnation of God. Our most revered preceptor divine Acharya Sriram Sharma has taken the cause of era reconstruction, run by Yug Nirman Mission, as the latter part of Lord Buddha’s endeavors. Magazines of Prajna Parivar were publishing every month a permanent column captioned – “Pages of Self-study” with spiritual instructions of Lord Buddha for quite long period.

Prajna Parivar spread over the country and abroad in cities, suburbs and villages surely would come up to help preserve the ‘Buddhist Stupas’; and would create awareness in the people of every area towards these monuments of national heritage. Their renovations could also be taken up with the cooperation of the people.

We whole heartedly thank those thoughtful, sensible and wise people who are already engaged in this auspicious endeavor and extend our good wishes for their success.

Dr. Pranav Pandya  Head : All World Gayatri Parivar    Director : Brahmavarchas Research Institute Chancellor : Dev Samskriti Viswa-Vidyalaya

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