DD-India to telecast city-based filmmaker’s documentary : The Tribune

A documentary film “Dhammachhetra – The lost land of Buddha” made by city-based documentary filmmaker Sidhartha will be telecast on DD-India, a channel of Doordarshan.

The documentary depicts historical monuments related to Buddha and the existence of Buddhism some 2,300 years ago in different parts of the state. It will be telecast on August 6. The 24-minute documentary in English is dedicated to all people, who lost their lives in the atom bomb attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Sidhartha, the directer and producer of the film, is also the president of the Buddhist Forum and has launched a campaign to protect the monuments of the state.

Giving details about the film, Sidhartha said, “The film depicts that some 2,300 years ago, the present Haryana was an important place, where Buddhism had flourished to its maximum. This is evident from ancient scriptures that reveals that Buddha himself had visited the state and had laid the foundation for Buddhism,” he said.It was believed that the Buddhism existed in Haryana till 12th century AD, but the present excavation of Buddhist monuments in the state, like stupa’s, monasteries, idols, painted grey ware suggested that people here practiced Buddhism till 14 century AD, he added.The basic idea behind the movie was to create awareness about the monuments at the national and international level. Many of the monuments were still in a much neglected state, he said.“We have depicted in the film all monuments related to Buddha, which are situated in different parts of the state, including Adi Badri, Chaneti, Agroha, Asandh and Kurukshetra,” he added.“I had earlier made a documentary film “Ramayan aur Ramsethu” in 2007. After getting the certification from the Central Board of Film Certification, New Delhi, for the film, I submitted it with DD-India about a month ago.However, DD-India’s deputy director Shahnaz Yusufzai recently sent a letter to me providing details about the telecast schedule of the film,” he added.

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