Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

aung san suu kyi                                                                        Message of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

The campaign of The Buddhist Forum to save the ancient Buddhist monuments in India is a project which has both spiritual and cultural appeal. As a Buddhist I am very happy that there are people in India toady who wish to preserve the ancient stupas so sacred to the Buddhist from ages past and also someone who values the cultural heritage of whole world. I am happy that these monuments will be preserved for generation to come that new generation may see how in the past people revere the stupas and what meaning these stupas had for the Buddhist in India and we still have Buddhist throughout the world today .

A small beginning is laid though a very very significant result . i congratulate Sidhartha and his colleagues for starting this movement and for continuing this movement through not a very easy time because i know that in these days and age people are not always interested in preserving the past.Too many people are simply looking to the present, too many people have forgotten that the present could not have existed without the past. For us Buddhist the stupas are there to remind us about the teachings of Lord Buddha the teachings that bring peace and tranquility to human beings because of that we revere them and revalue them and by preserving the ancient stupas of India. I feel that The Buddhist Forum is helping to preserve the teaching of Buddha.

This is why “Save Stupas Save Buddha” campaign appeals to me directly as a Buddhist and as Asian who would like to preserve our heritage, our Asian heritage as far as possible. I hope that this campaign will meet with much success and not only Buddhist but all those who revere spiritual values who look upon spiritual values as an important as human life. I wonder what is achieved in the past even without the technological known how. The present inspire us to work hard for the future not just culturally but spiritually. This forum represent more than cultural I feel spiritual values.

Spiritual values which will help our world to become one in harmony and friendship and understanding and peace. I would like to take opportunity to thank Sidhartha and his colleagues who are not Buddhist I understand and some of them are Buddhist trying to preserve our Buddhist heritage in India and I would like to urge everybody to help them in their endeavor.

Thank you
Aung San Suu Kyi

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